Meet Our Team

Cristy Marie Calderon, M. Psy. -- President of Behavioral Programs

Cristy Calderon graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a Masters of Arts degree in psychology with specialization in children, and adolescence. She also graduated from Saint Xavier University with a bachelor in psychology. She has spent the last ten years focusing on applied behavioral analysis (ABA), verbal behavior, and behavior interventions, and counseling for young children.

Cristy also has been trained in discrete trial teaching, the assessment of language and learning skills- revised and verbal behavior. She has worked with a number of children who have a variety of developmental disorders that included Angelman Syndrome, verbal & nonverbal autism spectrum disorder (ASD), pervasive development disorders (PDD), attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD), and sensory integration.

Cristy is the president of Autism Behavior & Childhood Services. We were founded with the belief that every child, regardless of their needs, can reach and exceed their maximum potential. Our therapies are a direct reflection of that philosophy and how we approach every child. Our programs are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

She has dedicated her profession to the behavior psychology area of concentration for the past ten year. She is very familiar with creating individual behavior plans, and training professionals, teachers, and parents with ABA techniques and procedure.

Daniel Barajas, BBA – Director of Business Operations

As a graduate of the Graham School of Management at Saint Xavier University, Daniel brings a high level of education that matches his diverse business background. He handles the day to day dealings with insurance companies, schools, and is the first point of contact for our company for all of our perspective clients. He strives to ensure that all of our clients receive the highest quality and amount of care possible.

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Therapists

Miss Vicky is our most senior therapist and has been with us since the our inception. Her unique approach is backed up by her decades of experience raising her sons. Her motherly approach and determination is her key to success.

Miss Andrea is another of our senior therapists. She brings such a unique set of skills that is matched with unmatchable patience that makes her the prototypical therapist. She is always meeting and exceeding the goals we set for her clients we have set.

Miss Sarah is one of our most cordial and friendly therapists and her skills reflect that. She brings a warmth to our team that is evident in every moment that she is in your home. This warmth is what has led her to having sincere relationships with our families and clients.

Miss Karina brings an energy that can be felt the moment she steps into a room. That youthful exuberance is perfect for the therapeutic environment we are trying to create. Her excitement she gets from having successes with her clients is always evident.

Miss Gianna is another experienced therapist that has boundless energy that can be seen in her innovative approaches to some of the philosophies in our therapies. Whether it is going for a run around the block with her client or getting her hands dirty during arts and crafts time there is no limit to how far she will go.

Mr. Jake has shown a determination and ability to work with some of the most severe cases we have. His steadfast dedication to his clients and constant communication of successes and opportunities make him a formidable force for his clients success. 

Miss Stephanie has been with us the shortest amount of time but you would never be able to tell. Her creativity and willingness to try different approaches is something that helps her to ensure that every child is exceeding their potential.

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