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Testimonials for Autism Behavior & Childhood Services

Chicago Therapy for Children With Autism

We are completely satisfied with our team. Gianna and Jake have really gotten to know our child and are eager to deal with whatever the situation is happening that day. He/She has come such a long way. Your team adapts to his/ her needs as they come up - whether it be behavioral, social or academic.  

Just a word of thanks!

- ABC Parent All star

We have seen tremendous improvements with our child and are very happy with the services of ABC and your management of the business. Ms. Vicki and Simone are excellent at what they do! 
- ABC Proud Parents

"I had a parent teacher conference for my son last evening and wanted to let you know how great it went. They are all so impressed with him and how he’s doing. His teacher actually said several times that she wishes she could recommend ABA to all her kids. I wanted to make sure I let you know because I am truly thankful for all that you guys are doing. You’re all so awesome and caring and it really shows how vested you are in my son and his progress. I couldn't have asked for a better team!"
- One of our proud parents

"Seeing such amazing progress in such a short amount of time is simply amazing. I can only imagine what the future holds for my daughter and I have you Miss Cristy and your wonderful team to thank"
-A grateful Mom

"Mi hijo a superado mucho, desde que empeso con sus servicios!"

Translation: I have seen a big improvement with my son, since he has started working with you!
-"Mama" thanking us in Spanish 

"You have opened my eyes to my son's potential and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and Miss Vicky"
- Another happy Mother 

"ABC therapists not only help the children, but also the teachers. They provide excellent support in the classroom and model the most effective ways to work with the children! I feel that I'm becoming a better teacher by working with them. I would recommend ABC to everyone!"
-Jaime Lynn, 2nd grade teacher